Tango History

tango hystoryThe Argentinean Tango is a classic social dance, performed with a partner. During the last century, it has developed as a popular Argentinean dance, from the romantic city of, Simenon. It is very different from the Tango, when it’s associated with International and American ballroom dancing. Over time, dancers begin to form a rich dance connection with their partner. The music and the environment create the atmosphere for the Argentine Tango. Dancers are engulfed in exotic music and melodic dance moves with the Argentinean Tango. Visit us online, Dance America has all the information and resources you’ll need for more on the Argentine Tango.

Types of Argentine Tango:

Most couples, learning the Argentinean Tango are social dancers. In fact, this exotic dance is wonderful for competition and dance sport all around the world. Dance America knows how to assist you in finding out more information on the Argentinean Tango and helping you with accessories and performance wear. Visit our easy to read and navigate website for more details.

The Argentinean Tango and many other dances require the right dancing gear and we can help. We have many styles, sizes, and colors of dance gear for any dance style. Our dance will allow you to move gracefully and freely across the dance floor. In fact, our dresses have the loose flow around your legs, allowing you to dance freely, be stylish and feel elegant.

Argentinean Tango Dance Wear:

Most women wear a slit with the Argentinean Tango because it helps them move around the dance floor and leave more room for movement of their legs. Dance America understands that the Argentinean Tango is a sensual dance and your attire can affect your dance style. Men usually wear loose fitting pants to be able to move around the dance floor uninhibited.

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