Ballroom Dance Shoe Technology

womens ballroom dance shoes Choosing a best women’s ballroom shoe or men’s dance shoes is very important. It should be both comfortable and beautiful. One shouldn’t choose one over the other. Why have comfort with a shoe that is not beautiful? You spend all that time looking great, and buying an expensive dress, and to top it off with an unattractive shoe is going to make one self-conscious. On the other end why have a beautiful shoe that is uncomfortable. A woman will not have a good time dancing, and it will show. Ballroom dancing is a lot of fun. A woman’s foot attire should be fun, beautiful, and comfortable.

Top tips for women in buying a great ballroom shoe are:

1. Buy a dance shoes with an antibacterial lining. It will prevent bacteria and fungus from growing. When your dancing your feet sweat and this lining will absorb it.

2. Also makes sure this bacterial lining is odor free.

3. Make sure it has arch support with a firm padded lining. Your foot needs extra support while your dancing. A poorly arched ballroom shoe is going to hurt a lot. There will be no fun dancing tonight.

4. Make sure there is a shank ending at the ball of the foot shoe. When you are doing some fancy ballroom steps, you want to make sure the bottom of the foot has a nice soft landing.

5. Look for latex technology. You want to make sure shock absorbency is made out of the latest latex technology. Dancing is fun, but it’s also a workout on your feet.

6. Make sure the shoe is flexible. One of the ways to test flexibility is to bend the shoe. A well-made ballroom shoe will do this, and is usually made out of leather.

7. Buy a leather ballroom shoe. It will last longer, and your foot will be able to breathe. It will stay more odors free. A stiff ballroom shoe made out of synthetics will be more uncomfortable, and won’t last as long.

8. Try on the shoe. Make sure it fits, it’s comfortable, and you’re in love with it.

9. Last, but not least spend the money. Do not be penny wise and pound-foolish. Work that extra shift to pay for a good pair of ballroom shoes. Your heart and feet will thank you.