National Interest Exemption Needed for all International Travelers

For Immediate Release NOTICE TO All Adjudicators, Athletes and Essential Support Individuals participating in the WDC World Professional Ballroom Showdance October 30, 2021 We must obtain a NATIONAL INTEREST EXCEPTION for you to be able to travel or obtain a visa. It is essential that EVERY INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANT from China, Iran, Europe’s Schengen region, United […]

Tentative Schedule of Events – 2021

Tentative Schedule of Events This Schedule is subject to change. The order of events listed here may not represent the actual order in which the heats will be presented.   Session I – Thursday, October 289h 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. International Ballroom – Pro/Am, Student/Student, Mixed Amateur International Ballroom Single Dances – Closed and […]


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