Global Dancesport Series

Ready, set and go Global!
The Global DanceSport Series was Started in 2000

By 5 Pro-Am teachers running 4 events, whose sole purpose was to focus on the Pro-Am teachers and their students. The Global DanceSport Series began offering the highest Pro-Am prize money in the open divisions and starting scholarships in the bronze and silver levels, all the while keeping the package costs lower for the students. The Global events started giving Pro-Am parties in addition to the traditional Pro Party. The Mission was clear, structure events based on the need of the student/teacher partnership and to  “Raise the Bar”… and The Global has worked very hard throughout the years to do so.  Today the Commitment Continues… The Global Dancesport Series Organizers recognize that the Pro-Am competitors are the primary reason we can offer wonderful dance competitions. The “GLOBAL MISSION” is a focus on how to better serve the Pro-Am student teacher teams. You are not just another number at a Global Event! Global events were some of the first in the country to literally “roll out the red carpet” for students and pro/am teachers. Global year end recognition for teachers and students!

  • Teachers and Students collect points at every Global Event
  • Cash, vouchers and trophies awarded at the end of the year.