2020 Heat Sheets

2020 Heat Sheets Click Here For Heat Sheets Changes – Additions DO NOT TEXT, CALL, FACEBOOK, etc… Email: cassandra@dance-america.com your changes will be attended to in the order received

Tentative Schedule of Events – 2020 Condensed Event

Tentative Schedule of Events – 2020 CONDENSED This Schedule is subject to change. The order of events listed here may not represent the actual order in which the heats will be presented. Session I – Friday, October 30th 8:00 a.m. International Ballroom – Pro/Am, Student/Student, Mixed Amateur International Ballroom Single Dances – Closed and Open […]


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VIP Pro-Am Concierge Service by Dance Vision

Concierge Video We Appreciate & Pamper You! Look no further for the ultimate luxury experience! The VIP Pro-AM Concierge Service by Dance Vision Need Something? Massage Appointment Hair & Makeup Appointment Coffee Lunch delivered to the ballroom Light Snacks delivered to your table Personal Errands Plus Safety Pins, Hairspray, Shoe Brush, mending kit… everything you […]

Pointers on How to Keep Toes Safe From Being Stepped On

Tips for Dance Steps Dancing so that you do not get stepped on your dance shoes is pretty important because you cannot take the dance floor without knowing how to do this. You have to stay away from other couples that are dancing, and you need to find a way to stop yourself from stepping […]

9 Tips on How to Choose Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom Dance Shoe Technology Choosing a best women’s ballroom shoe or men’s dance shoes is very important. It should be both comfortable and beautiful. One shouldn’t choose one over the other. Why have comfort with a shoe that is not beautiful? You spend all that time looking great, and buying an expensive dress, and to […]

Tango Costumes at Dance America

Tango History The Argentinean Tango is a classic social dance, performed with a partner. During the last century, it has developed as a popular Argentinean dance, from the romantic city of, Simenon. It is very different from the Tango, when it’s associated with International and American ballroom dancing. Over time, dancers begin to form a […]

The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing For Kids

Information Guide On What Matters Most Children’s Ballroom dancing has always been exciting and intriguing. Our website at Dance America has all the information and gear on how to get your child started in dominating the dance floor. Your child will elegantly move across the floor and learn how to transition between dance patterns. Ballroom […]